Corporate Team Building: Make it an Adventure

corporate team building group at Story Bridge Adventure Climb

So you’re looking for a bonding, adventurous, production boosting corporate team building activity? Should it be inside or outside? Should it be thought-provoking or carefree? We know that planning a corporate team building event can be difficult and oh, so stressful! Let us help. Check out our 5 key tips for planning a team building event.

Create Conversations

The entire purpose of a corporate team building event is to facilitate conversations. The goal is to create opportunities for employees to have conversations across divisions and levels. These conversations promote internal mobility and allow ideas to flow freely. Let the communication happen organically. So, a team building activity that allows time and provides the environment for these conversations to happen is crucial.

Host it Outside

Don’t be afraid of the sun! It actually shines a light on happiness and productivity all while giving you a little extra Vitamin D. You want this corporate team building event to promote communication and de-stressing. Hosting your event outside plays a key role in both goals. The change of scenery will make employees feel more comfortable and allow creativity to flow. Placing everyone in a new, unique environment levels the playing field and promotes communication across all levels. On top of all that, being outside has a natural de-stressing effect which will allow your employees to come back to work happier and more productive!

Get the Adrenaline Pumping

Get ready to bond! What’s the best way to do that? Embark on an adventure as a team that will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping and heart racing. Why? These sort of activities bring people closer together as they are relying on each other for support. The ability to work as a team is an important aspect of every business. Exhilarating activities promote this leadership, communication, and cohesive nature that bring a better team back to the office.

Keep it Lowkey

What’s the best way to promote communication? Making sure people feel comfortable. When we say lowkey, we mean hosting your team building event in a location that offers a casual setting. This gets rid of the all too common “stiff” nature of these work outings. You want people to want to come to your events. It shouldn’t be one of the work requirements that they dread. So make it fun and make it casual.

Follow Up

Just because the event is over doesn’t mean the communication should be! Continue to make your employees feel heard by following up with them after the event. Ask them what they liked, what they disliked, if they had any great ideas they would like to share, and what they would like to see at the next team building event. This leaves them feeling cared about and helps you plan an even better event next time. Today’s employees are searching for companies with a culture that they feel comfortable in. Use your corporate team building event to promote your awesome company culture!

If you’re interested in letting Story Bridge Adventure Climb host your next adventurous corporate team building event check out our page here

We look forward to meeting your team!

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