Experience the First Nations Perspective

Embark on a first-of-its-kind Indigenous climb of the Story Bridge, offering a unique First Nations perspective on the history, art, Culture, and future of Meanjin (Brisbane). This special climb is a collaborative effort between the Story Bridge Adventure Climb and local Indigenous artists and tourism operators, providing an enriching and immersive experience.

Meet the Visionaries

Led by renowned artist Birrunga Wiradyuri and contemporary visual artists, Kane Brunjes, Jessica Skeen and Tiesha Martin-King, the Indigenous Story Bridge Climb is the result of a visionary partnership aimed at elevating Queensland’s Indigenous tourism and hospitality experiences.

Join First Nations storytellers on an immersive climb where you’ll hear narratives that span thousands of years, interweaving history, Country, and Culture. Learn about the deep connections to the land and the rich traditions of the local Indigenous communities.

Beyond the Climb: Cultural Experiences

Story Bridge Indigenous Climb

Indigenous Climbs start at a set time each week. Immerse yourself in narratives that span thousands of years, guided by the wisdom of our First Nations Storyteller.

$169.95 per adult

$144.95 per child

Story Bridge Indigenous Immersive Experience

Immerse yourself in a Story Bridge Climb with narratives that span thousands of years, feast on a Tasting Platter of Indigenous Canapés, uniquely crafted from Native spices and take home your own painted Boomerang.

  • Indigenous Climb
  • Indigenous Food Platter: Savor a unique culinary experience featuring crocodile and kangaroo, seasoned with Native herbs and spices.
  • Boomerang Painting Workshop: Led by Jessica Skeen, this workshop offers a hands-on opportunity to connect with the Cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations Peoples through art.

$389.95 per adult

$292.95 per child