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Mission: SkyBeam

Climb the bridge. Save the city. This one-of-a-kind, world-first outdoor adventure game is designed for teams of 2+ and is the ultimate adventure experience.

  • World First!
  • Team based adventure.
  • Role play in a fun, fast paced ‘escape room’ style outdoor adventure.
  • Mission Impossible themed adventure.
  • Culminates with climbers walking across the highest cross beam of the bridge 40 metres above traffic!

The Australian Intelligence Agency is on the hunt for new agents for a daring new mission set on, under, and all around the iconic Story Bridge!

An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Device) has been planted on top of the Story Bridge and is set to cause mass destruction. Your mission should you choose to accept it, will see your team go undercover as Bridge Maintenance Crew- where you will need to climb the bridge, find clues, solve puzzles, then locate and disarm the EMP to save the city!

Grab your team of 2+ and assemble for the ultimate adventure experience!

GIFT VOUCHERS: If re-deeming a gift voucher please ensure you redeem it against the same climb type as written on the voucher. If you want to re-deem against a different climb type then please call us on +61 (7) 3188 9070 or email us at climbs@sbac.net.au to assist.


This experience is designed to be played in teams of 2-4 (Max of 16 in total Climb Group. Minimum of 4 Climbers for the mission to proceed.)

Each team will be equipped with a Mission Device securely attached throughout the experience. After your Mission Briefing, your Bridge Guide employed by the AIA will lead all Agents up the Bridge safely, making strategic stops along the way to gather the tools and knowledge that you will need. Every second counts at each mission stop and then it’s a race against the clock to locate and disarm the EMP.

After your Mission, pose for your team photo then head back to base and check out your score on our Mission: SkyBeam Leader Board!


Duration:                    2
Group size:                 4 – 16 (Competing in teams of 2-4)
Steps:                          1,088

If you can’t find a climb time that suits you, please call us to see if we can tailor a time for you. Call  +61 (7) 3188 9070 now!