4 Places to Abseil in Brisbane

Brisbane is known for its sun-drenched climate and beautiful scenery. What better way to experience it all than by abseiling some of the most incredible locations Brisbane has to offer? The great thing about abseiling is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-timer, you’re still in for an amazing adventure. Let’s explore some of the most breathtaking abseiling experiences in Brisbane.

Riverlife – Abseiling and Rock Climbing Adventure – Kangaroo Point

A popular activity for those visiting Brisbane and seeking an adrenaline rush, abseiling down the cliffs at Kangaroo Point is a heap of fun. You don’t need any experience to give this one a go, as Riverlife’s experienced instructors will guide you through each step (or jump!).

Kangaroo Point offers some great scenery too, so you certainly won’t be bored while waiting for your turn. Enjoy the Brisbane skyline and a wonderful view of boats and kayakers on the Brisbane River below.

Abseiling at Kangaroo Point is suitable for ages 8 and over, and sessions run daily.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: 49 for adults

Total Adventures – Abseiling & Rock Climbing – Sunshine Coast

Taking a bit of a different approach, Total Adventures run programs designed for schools and larger groups. They offer a whole range of activities from canoeing, bushcraft, archery, biking and many more. But importantly, they also offer rock climbing and abseiling!

Total Adventures is situated in Noosa, with a sprawling area which is well and truly away from the rat race. Students attending will learn survival skills, leadership, and enjoy a huge range of activities. There’s also accommodation and full catering. If you think this is just another boring school camp, you’re wildly mistaken!

Duration: Variable

Cost: Enquire on their website for details

Story Bridge Adventure Climb – Brisbane

The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is the only bridge climb and abseiling combo in the world. If that’s not enough to excite the thrill-seeker in all of us, we don’t know what is! Located conveniently in Brisbane, this is a must-do for all visitors to the Sunshine State.

You can do a variety of different bridge climbs here – from dawn, day, twilight and night, all offering a unique experience for those wanting to take in the breathtaking 360-view of Brisbane and it’s surrounding areas.

Best of all, if you’re doing a dawn, day or twilight climb, you can finish it off with a 27-metre abseil down the southern pylon of the Story Bridge. You don’t want to miss out on this unique and unforgettable experience.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: From $159 for adults (for climb and abseil)

Pinnacle Sports – Abseiling Mount Ngungun – Glasshouse Mountains

If you’re looking to get away from Brisbane for a day trip, abseiling Mount Ngungun in the Glasshouse Mountains is a great way to do it. Located around an hour north of Brisbane, this great outdoor activity is one the whole family can enjoy.

You’ll start with a brief lesson in abseiling, so don’t worry if you’ve never done it before. Then you’ll have a beautiful 1-hour walk to the peak of Mount Ngungun. You’ll be treated to spectacular views of the Glasshouse Mountains, culminating in a thrilling 40 metres abseil back down to the eucalypts below.

It’s open for anybody over 8 years old, and while you don’t need experience or a super level of fitness, you’ll need to be able to complete the 1-hour walk which is mostly uphill.

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: $149 for adults

Experiences You’ll Never Forget

So now you’ve got the low-down on the best abseiling experiences in Brisbane. Which one are you going to choose?

Brisbane is an incredible place to visit, and it’s got something for everyone. Sun, surf, theme parks nearby, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. You name it, Brisbane’s got it – and as you can see there’s no shortage of activities for the adrenaline junkies too!

So get out there and enjoy the wonderful Queensland weather while you explore the best places to abseil in Brisbane.

By Paper Planes

Bridge Runs Across Australia

So you want to help a charity, and you’re willing to run for it, but you want a good view, right? We have the perfect idea! A Bridge Run! There are Bridge Charity Runs all over Australia that promote healthy living and a great cause all while taking in some of the best views down under.

Bridge to Brisbane

This Sunday, 26th August is Queensland’s largest charity fun run in 2018! With over 30,000 people running the race every year, the Bridge to Brisbane run is sure to be a uniquely cherishable event! The best part? You get to run across the iconic Story Bridge and right past us here at Story Bridge Adventure Climb! Go big with the full 10K and cross not one, but three bridges! First, crossover the Go Between Bridge, then run over the Victoria Bridge, and finish it off at our favourite, the Story Bridge. If the 10K isn’t for you, just enjoy the day with a nice 5K. You’ll start at the Story Bridge and finish with everyone at the South Bank. No matter what you choose, you’re raising money for well deserving charities and experiencing Brisbane.

Now, if running isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered at Story Bridge Adventure Climb. We have special climbs just for the Bridge Run event! A Dawn Climb will allow you to see the sunrise with the speed of the runners. A Day Climb will give you a breathtaking view of Brisbane without any cars on the bridge! Whether you decide to run or be a supporter, don’t miss the Bridge to Brisbane this year!

Blackmores Bridge Run

Sydney offers their own bridge run, with the Blackmores Bridge Run on 16 September, 2018. The course of this 10K takes you from your start at Bradfield Park across the main deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and completes at the Sydney Opera House. Pick your goal time and run for it! If you aren’t quite as interested in actually running the bridge run, watch it from above with our friends at BridgeClimb Sydney!

7 Bridges Walk

Sydney also offers the 7 Bridges Walk. While this may not be a bridge run, it offers some of Sydney’s most scenic locations and the ability to raise funds for a cancer-free future! This event put on by the Cancer Council is on 28 October, 2018. The course is 27km and winds its way around the beautiful Sydney Harbour. Make an eventful day out with friends and family, with plenty of food, entertainment, and fun along the way. Plus, do your best fundraising and get your name on the leaderboard of their website for everyone to see!

There are hundreds of other races around Australia.
If you’re interested, check them out here!

We hope to see you out and about enjoying all of these bridge runs and raising money for a cause you believe in!

5 Outdoor Activities In & Around Queensland’s Capital

With beautiful weather year-round, Brisbane is the perfect spot for outdoor activities! We have saved you the trouble and rounded up 5 of the best things to do in Brisbane! From the water to the sky, these Brisbane activities will get you outside and adventuring!

Kayak the Brisbane River

See Brisbane from a unique perspective as you kayak your way down the Brisbane River. Plus, it’s the perfect spot for your Instagram shot!  If you prefer to stay on dry land, why not try abseiling or Rock Climbing?! There are plenty of Brisbane activity options with Riverlife Adventure Centre.

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving

Get away from the big city and experience Moreton Island!  You’re already in Australia, now let’s take it even farther down under. Take a day trip across to Tangalooma Island and experience Brisbane from below. The TangaTours team have plenty of gear for you to hire, so all you need to do is show up and get ready to swim with our beautiful underwater population.

Climb the Story Bridge

Looking for the best view in Brisbane?  You can’t go past Story Bridge Adventure Climb.  Grab your mates and get strapped in to climb this iconic Brisbane bridge. A Story Bridge climb will get your adrenaline pumping all the way to the top! Whether you’re seeking a thrill or conquering fears, you’re sure to have an amazing time. The views of Brisbane are truly amazing, and so is the climb! Don’t forget to grab a few beers once you get to the bottom.

DAY Story Bridge Climbers Top Platform close-up

Hiking Time

Whether you want to hike through the forest, to a waterfall, or around a volcano, Brisbane has it all. Hikes for every level offer a fun way to get outside. If you aren’t looking to stay dry, these hikes showcase the great outdoors plus lovely waterfalls: Springbrook National Park, Kondalilla Falls, Tamborine Mountain National Park.  We can’t forget about ‘Queensland’s’ Most Impressive Peak,’ Mount Barney. The view from this hike is truly, impressive.

Hit the Beach

Did you know that Brisbane has a beach right in the middle of the city? It might be man-made, but it’s still the perfect spot for some sunshine chilling! Looking for something a bit more natural? Why not try 4WDing on Bribe Island or drive through to Noosa for a beach day! Extra points if you make your way through to Tea Tree Bay!

No matter what you choose, these Brisbane activities will get you outside and experiencing all that Brisbane has to offer!  

Your Brisbane Bridge Climb Questions Answered!

We love that you’re curious about the Story Bridge, our Brisbane Bridge Climbs, and Brisbane itself. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below!

How many rivets are on the bridge?

There are 1.25 million rivets on the bridge! For those that are curious, rivets are the small metal bolts used to hold together pieces of metal.

How high is the bridge?

The Story Bridge is 80 metres above sea level which is approx 22 stories! 

How high is the Story Bridge compared to the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is 50m taller. It is the sixth longest spanning-arch bridge in the world and the tallest steel arch bridge! Fun fact, the same engineer designed both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Story Bridge, Dr. John Bradfield.

Why was the Story Bridge built?

Discussions of a potential bridge ran for about 10 years before construction started in 1935. This was during the Great Depression era of very high unemployment and very low morale in the state. The bridge was planned by the state government at the time as a post-Great Depression economic stimulant/employment booster, along with the Somerset Dam build and moving the University of Queensland from George St to St Lucia.

When was the Story Bridge built?

Construction of the Story Bridge was a very intensive process. Construction began in 1935 and the bridge officially opened for business on 6 July 1940.

What’s the tallest building in Brisbane?

If you take a trip down to 1 William Street you will find the Tower of Power, Brisbane’s tallest building. Often referred to as the Campbell Newmans building, it stands 258.9 metres tall. 

How busy is the Brisbane Airport?

Roughly 65,000 people pass through the Brisbane airport every day, totalling to 23.4 million a year which is almost the population of Australia (24.1m).

What is All Hallows?

This School is an all-girls Catholic school that was founded in 1861 by the Sisters of Mercy (originally from Ireland).  It is also known for its similarity to Harry Potter/Hogwarts.

What is the Bradfield Highway?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed in 1932 and it was designed by a famous Australian engineer – Dr. John Bradfield. He had retired, and the QLD government asked if he’d like to come on board as a consulting engineer. He accepted their offer because he was a local boy; born in Sandgate and educated at Ipswich. The roadway above us is named the Bradfield Highway after him and has the distinction of being the shortest highway in Australia – it only runs the length of the bridge (1072m long).


Is all the metal the same?

Have you noticed that the metal on the climb route is different to the bridge? The bridge is steel and needs painting while the climb route is made of galvanised iron and not painted.

When did we start the Story Bridge Adventure Climb?

The idea for a bridge climb was floated by Brisbane City Council in 2001. A couple of years were spent modifying the bridge structure to accommodate the climbers. The safety line was added, handrails were welded in place and several walkways and platforms were built. On September 30th 2005, just three months after the bridge’s 65th birthday, the climb opened to the public. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is one of only three bridge climbs in the world – the others being Sydney Harbour Bridge and Auckland Harbour Bridge climbs. 


Still curious? Check out our FAQ’s page or contact us!

The Storied Past of the Story Bridge

Have you ever wondered how the iconic Story Bridge of Brisbane came to life? Such a large piece of metal did not just happen overnight. But it did change the way that life in Brisbane and the surrounding areas was lived forevermore. We are here to tell the tale of the journey that brought this erected this bridge. It all starts way back in 1925.

Tell Me About It…

Brisbane’s historical landmark the Story Bridge is magically positioned above the Brisbane River and amongst the inner suburbs of Kangaroo Point and New Farm. Story Bridge Adventure Climb will take you to the summit more than 80 metres above the Brisbane River. With 360-degree views spanning Moreton Bay in the East, the Glasshouse Mountains to our North and hinterland views to the West, your vision and sights are endless.

There were many things that happened to make this bridge one of the best places to visit in Brisbane. First things first, in 1925 after the Brisbane City Council was established, a committee was set-up due to that fact that there were not enough bridges crossing the Brisbane river. Not being able to cross this giant river proved itself to create quite a debacle. Construction on the Story Bridge did not start for another 10 years, though, since the State Government refused to fund such an expensive bridge.

The Most Important Details…

  • The consulting engineer chosen for the project was Queenslander Dr. John Bradfield. Dr. Bradfield had been Chief Engineer on the Sydney Harbour Bridge which was completed in 1932.
  • The bridge commenced construction on 24 May, 1935.
  • Construction took five years, one year longer than planned due to a steel shortage.
  • During construction, the Bridge was referred to as the Central Bridge; the Brisbane River Bridge; the King George the Fifth Memorial Bridge; the Jubilee Bridge of Story Place; later, in 1937, the Government chose the Story Bridge, after JD Storey.
  • The Story Bridge opened for operation on 6 July, 1940.
  • At the time of opening in 1940, the Story Bridge was Australia’s second largest bridge (exceeded by the Sydney Harbour Bridge). It was the seventh largest bridge of it’s kind in the world.
  • The Story Bridge project cost £1,492,000 ($3,227,416) (under budget).
  • Seven years later, the State Government sold the Story Bridge to the Brisbane City Council for £750,000.
  • During construction, one hundred and ninety-eight (198) men were employed at the metal works, one hundred and seventy-six (176) at the construction site as well as sixty (60) designers, engineers, and surveyors.
  • Tragically, four men lost their lives during construction.

Tell Me about the Bridge Itself…

  • The Bridge is 1,072 metres long from the southern to northern anchor piers.
  • The river span is 282 metres long.
  • The Bridge’s summit is 74 metres to ground, similar in height to a 22-story building.
  • The width of the Bridge is 24 metres, including footpaths.
  • The river clearance at low tide is 35 metres, or 10-stories.
  • The four main steel bearings each weight 36 tonnes.

A Little Bit about Construction…

  • In 1935 a contract was signed for Evans Deakin-Hornibrook Constructions Pty Ltd for the construction of the Bridge.
  • The bridge was constructed in five stages.
  • 39,100 cubic metres were excavated for foundations (a hole as large as 23 Olympic swimming pools).
  • 41,250 cubic metres of concrete used (approximately 8,200 truck loads).
  • 12,000 tonnes of structural steel used.
  • 1,650 tonnes of reinforcing steel used.
  • 1,500,000 rivets were used to construct the bridge.
  • The Story Bridge is the largest steel bridge designed, fabricated and constructed in Australia by Australians.

Brisbane’s Story Bridge opened for operation on July 6, 1940. This day came five years after construction commenced and fourteen years after initial recommendations for a river crossing in the Kangaroo Point vicinity.

Essentially, the Story Bridge was one of the then governments’ three major public works projects, creating years of employment for many men during the Great Depression. Today, the Story Bridge lends itself to be one of the best places to visit in Brisbane.

What’s on in Brisbane: Weekend Edition

Are you planning an adventurous weekend in Brisbane? Are you ready to experience the city in a completely new way? We know that planning is stressful and deciding on where to go for dinner can take longer than dinner itself! So, we’ve created the ultimate guide for what’s on in Brisbane this weekend so that you can make every weekend in Brisbane amazing. 

Here’s our guide to the best places to eat, drink, stay, and adventure to make your weekend in Brisbane unforgettable!

Where to Eat

La Vue

If you’re here for the ambiance, La Vue is the place to be! With a quiet, intimate atmosphere, this is the perfect place to enjoy your company. The best part? La Vue offers spectacular views of the iconic Story Bridge. The views of the river and Brisbane at night make this a perfect place to sip a glass of wine and enjoy some exquisite scallops.

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Double Shot New Farm

Who doesn’t love brunch? We found one of the best brunch spots in all of Brisbane. At Double Shot New Farm you will find an exceptional tasting brunch that looks as good as it tastes. So, if you’re looking for brunch and possibly an artsy Instagram photo, Double Shot is the move!

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Port Office Dining Room

Ready to escape from the office? We found an office that you’ll actually enjoy spending time at! Filled with everything you could imagine, from a colonial wine bar to a truly impressive dining room, The Office has it all. Check out their exquisite wine selection and enjoy a romantic evening.

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Bar Alto

As a refurbished power station, Bar Alto creates a truly unique space. Overlooking the Brisbane River, the views and the food create the perfect dining experience. Did we mention there’s a rooftop terrace? Cocktails are great, but a cocktail overlooking the river is even better!

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Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

We’ve talked a lot about fine dining, but we can’t forget about the all-important burger joint. At Betty’s, you’ll find the quintessential burger with a fresh vibe. We never knew that burgers could look this good!

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Where to Drink

Mr. & Mrs. G Riverbar

Drinks on the pier, does it get any better? The exotic cocktails mixed with the seasonal tapas are sure to make your mouth water. Whether you want to share a cocktail or have one for yourself, the possibilities are endless. The Riverbar is the perfect place to kick off the evening and enjoy a beautiful Brisbane afternoon.

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Newstead Brewing Co.

Grabs some brews with your buds at this iconic Brisbane brewery. With a wide range of beers, there is one to suit every taste bud. We are big fans of the atmosphere in their simple steel warehouse brewery. Plus, if you get a little hangry, their pizzas are unbelievable!

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All In Brewing Co.

Industrial is in, right? At this unique brewery, you’ll find over 20 beers on tap and an unbeatable vibe. One of the best parts is the rotating food trucks! These trucks only add to the urban experience of the brewery.

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Junk Bar

Don’t blink, you may miss this bar and that would be an absolute shame! This intimate lounge bar provides the perfect environment to have the best night out. The quirky and unique vibe found here is unlike any other in Brisbane. So, grab all your mates and hit the town. Plus, you can reserve the lounge for an even more intimate event.

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Welcome to the beehive, it’s French. If you love cocktails in an eclectic atmosphere, Laruche is the place for you. As both a bar and a nightclub, this wonderland of originality is sure to make your night unforgettable (but if the memory is a little fuzzy, the pictures will look fantastic). Be sure to try the house punch, you’ll be glad you did!

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Where to Stay

Spicers Balfour Hotel

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Spicers will make Brisbane feel like home. Located in the trendy suburb of New Farm, you’ll be right in the middle of all of the action! That is, of course, if you decide to leave the room, which is an absolute sanctuary. We know that life in the city can be exhausting, so spend your weekend rewarding yourself with an escape!

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Treasury Hotel

Old world meets contemporary at the Treasury. If you are seeking a decadent weekend, this is your stop. A five-star hotel in the heart of Brisbane’s best nightlife, this stay will be unlike any other. Don’t forget about the extra special hotel packages that will turn your stay from amazing to out of this world! Treat yourself any weekend with some champagne on ice and the experience you deserve!

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Gambaro Hotel Brisbane

We know that you’re a celebrity to those you love, so treat yourself like one! Not only does this adorable boutique hotel have all the accommodations you could ask for, but it also has some of the best food in Brisbane is located right downstairs. Both the Black Hide Steakhouse and the Best Seafood Restaurant Australia 2017, Gambaro Seafood, will be sure to fill you up before a night on the town.

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Heal House

Are you tired of hotels? We get it. That’s why we love the Heal House. The attention to detail here is unparalleled. Spend your morning in an adorable reading nook on a verandah after a mouth-watering breakfast made just for you. The Heal House is the perfect place to take someone you love. The ambiance and privacy will absolutely make your weekend remarkable.

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FV by Peppers

Ready to escape Brisbane without ever leaving? This iconic Brisbane accommodation is modeled after New York skyscrapers and have every amenity you can think of. Rejuvenate your mind and body with the heated u-shaped skyline pool and a yoga retreat. Enjoy 360-degree views of the Brisbane skyline (p.s. This skyline makes for the perfect Instagram photo).

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Where to Adventure


Brisbane from the river is truly spectacular. We know it’s tough to break away from your weekend accommodations, but this is worth it. Riverlife will make your weekend memorable with special weekend only events. Embark on a paddle down the river, but it doesn’t end there. Once you get back to shore, enjoy a Brisbane barbeque. It’s a new way to see the city!

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Adventure Moreton Island

Ready for every adventure you can think of? Moreton Island has it all from paddle-boarding, snorkeling, boat rides, fishing, and so much more! Experience Brisbane below the surface and get up-close and personal with the sea life. Continue your weekend of relaxation and adventure with a leisurely paddle around the island. There is no shortage of adventure here!

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Lone Pine

Animals are one of the best mood enhancers around and there is no shortage of them at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. These furry bears are a majestic trademark of Australia. You can even get a close-up with one of the koalas, a once in a lifetime experience. There are no shortage of animals and cuteness at this spectacular sanctuary.

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Glass House Mountains Rock Climbing & Abseiling

One of the best views of Brisbane is of the iconic Glass House Mountains. Now you can do more than just look at them! Take the day and adventure to the top of the mountains. Climb your way to the top and abseil back down. We know that life in the city gets busy, this is the perfect retreat from the city bustle.

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Story Bridge Adventure Climb

We think that the best way to see Brisbane is from the iconic Story Bridge. This adventurous bridge climb will challenge you in the best ways possible. Take a couple hours out of your weekend to adventure to the top of the bridge. If you’re ready for a little extra speed and less time, their express climb will leave you with the same unforgettable views. We know that this will be a climb to remember!

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We hope you enjoyed our first blog! Make your Brisbane weekend unforgettable. As a little thank you from Story Bridge Adventure Climb, receive 20% off a climb with code BRISBANEWEEKEND!