media climb

As the #1 tourism destination in Brisbane, Story Bridge Adventure Climb welcomes applications for media opportunities. Our Climb Leaders are experienced in liaising with media to capture unique content. Subject to approval, you may take up essential media equipment to capture your own footage.

If you are looking to organise a Media Climb, please complete the below form and we’ll be in touch with you soon:

Media Climb Terms & Conditions

  • All Media Climb bookings are non-refundable, non-transferrable. Bookings can only be rescheduled up to 7 days before Climb.
  • All media equipment is subject to approval by Story Bridge Adventure Climb. Only approved equipment will be allowed on the Bridge.

    – Photos of all requested media equipment should be sent to Story Bridge  Adventure Climb no later than 7 days prior to Climb.
    – All media equipment is required to have 2 points of attachment to the climber.
    – Story Bridge Adventure Climb will source and attach attachment prior to the climb.
    – Story Bridge Adventure Climb is not responsible for any media equipment on the Climb and is not liable for any damage that may result from before, during or after the Climb.

  • All crew are to be accompanied by one of our trained Climb Leaders at all times.

  • A copy of all articles, images and footage obtained during the experience is to be provided to Story Bridge Adventure Climb within a reasonable timeframe from the experience and before public distribution.
  • By completing a Media Climb enquiry form, you agree that you have read and accept the Media Climb Terms & Conditions.

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