Climber Declaration Form

Prior to climbing you’ll be asked to fill in a Climber Declaration Form. This will be emailed to you once you have confirmed your booking. Please be open and honest about any pre-existing medical conditions so we can properly assess your suitability for the climb (all correspondence is confidential).


We want everyone to climb in the safest environment possible. There are a few things that prevent participation in a climb including (but not limited to):

  • Being under 10 years of age (children aged 10-16 must climb with an adult, max 3 children per adult). Minimum age is 6 years old and is to be accompanied by a parent or guardian (6-11 years old is a 1:1 Ratio) 12-16 years old is a 3:1 Ratio

  • Being over 20 weeks pregnant

  • Being under 110cm tall

  • Weight restriction is 130kgs as per our safety equipment guidelines

  • A fit or seizure in the past 6 months

  • Broken bones/recent hip replacements/any known injury that may severely impede the climb group to proceed at a normal pace.
  • Alcohol – All climbers must have a blood alcohol level of less than .05 (same as in a motor vehicle). All climbers are subject to a mandatory breathalyser test prior to their climb.
  • Fear of Heights – We have helped thousands of climbers turn their anxiety into ecstasy and exhilaration. Our climb leaders specialise in supporting, empowering and enabling climbers all the way to the top of the bridge and back. If you need to contact us regarding acrophobia/concerns regard the climb/height of the climb, please contact us here. We’re passionate about the bridge climb and ensuring you have a fun, safe and enjoyable climb.


  • Footwear – wear comfortable, enclosed, preferably rubber soled shoes (running/sport/hiking shoes).

  • Clothing – comfortable clothing, light in summer (you will wear a one-piece jumpsuit over the top of your clothing)

Personal Belongings

  • For safety and security reasons, nothing can be taken up on the bridge. This means no phones/cameras/wallets/bags – nothing can be carried up with you onto the bridge. We provide secure lockers for you to store all your personal belongings in while you climb. All climbers are subject to a mandatory metal detector scan before climbing.


  • Eat beforehand & hydrate well, your climb is 2 hours long
  • Please arrive 15 minute prior to the climb


  • The Story Bridge Climb operates in all weather conditions. We supply rain jackets but it’s a good idea to bring a spare change of clothes if it is raining. In extreme weather (electrical storms/high winds/hail) climbs may be postponed.