The Lean Out

Experience the exhilarating “Lean Out” experience at Story Bridge Adventure Climb. Located 80 meters above the vibrant city of Brisbane, this heart-pounding adventure dissolves barriers between individuals as they lean out over the edge, uniting in collective exhilaration.

Lean Out is a transformative journey, empowering you with newfound capabilities and a deep understanding of your inner strength. It’s not just an outing; it’s a lesson in synergy that will propel your team to new heights. Join Story Bridge Adventure Climb in embracing innovation, collaboration, and growth, where corporate spirits soar, connections thrive, and success becomes a collective journey. Are you ready to lean out?

Walk The Plank

Elevate your climb experience with our exclusive “Walk the Plank” adventure at Story Bridge Adventure Climb. This dynamic experience unfolds 80 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of Brisbane’s cityscape. As you step out onto the suspended plank, the city sounds whisper tales of collaboration, and with a leap of faith, they’ll realise that breaking boundaries together unlocks boundless potential. Join us at Story Bridge Adventure Climb with a daring twist.  Are you prepared to walk the plank to new horizons?

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