Become a Hero this May

Join us on Saturday 18 May 2024 as we climb in support of Hero for Heartkids in Brisbane! Half of your purchased ticket value will go directly to this cause.  The Story Bridge Climb provides the best 360-degree panoramic view of Brisbane city from the heart and soul of Brisbane’s most iconic landmark – the Story Bridge.

Participant Requirements

  • Min height 110 cm

  • Max weight 131kg (safety equipment guidelines)

  • Children 6 to 10 years must climb with one adult (max 1 children)

  • Children 10 to 16 years must climb with one adult (max 3 children)

  • Footwear – comfortable, enclosed preferably rubber soled shoes (running/sport/hiking shoes)

  • Clothing – comfortable, light in warmer weather (you will wear a one-piece jumpsuit over your clothing)

  • Alcohol – All climbers must have a blood alcohol level of less than .05 (same as in a motor vehicle). All climbers are subject to a mandatory breathalyser

  • Exclusions – you are excluded from the climb if you are over 20 weeks pregnant, have broken bones/recent hip replacement/any known injury that may impede the climb to proceed at a normal pace and/or have experienced a fit or seizure in the past 6 months.


Make sure to eat and hydrate beforehand, the climb will go for 2 hours.

For safety and security reasons, nothing can be taken up on the bridge. This means no phones/cameras/wallets/bags – nothing can be carried up with you onto the bridge.

Prior to climbing you’ll be asked to fill in a Climber Declaration Form. This will be emailed to you once you have confirmed your booking. Please be open and honest about any pre-existing medical conditions so we can properly assess your suitability for the climb (all correspondence is confidential).