Distribution Agreement:

By accepting this document, you are confirming that you agree to the Terms & Conditions in the promotion of, and the selling of, the Story Bridge Adventure climb (SBAC).


No Bid Terms

To be a re-seller of Story Adventure Bridge Climb, you may not use the below specific search terms for online advertising, including, but not limited to, pay per click advertising, banner advertisements or behavioral or contextual advertising:

Search Term list includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Story Bridge Adventure Climb
  • Story Bridge Walk
  • Bridge walk Brisbane
  • Story Bridge Climb
  • Bridge Climb Brisbane
  • Climb Story Bridge


You must negative phrase match these keywords.


You are still permitted to promote SBAC for other broad terms however not for any of the listed search terms.


Our agreement will be terminated if you are found to be competing for our search terms within Southeast Queensland.


When there is evidence of sponsored bid term violation, we will issue only one warning and will not honour bookings made 24 hours thereafter. We will terminate our Agreement after two warnings.



You hereby agree not to engage in promotional activities for SBAC products that sell below our recommended retail price, without prior written notification & approval.

We maintain a price guarantee policy and have no intention of compromising our operational margin by price-matching against our partners unless we have agreed to the promotion.


Payment terms

Nett rate must be paid to SBAC as per agreement between the Agent and SBAC.

ABN/ACN: 28618267691

Bank Acc Details:

Commonwealth Bank
Name:                          XBrisbane Pty Ltd
BSB:                            063010
Account Number:         133 618 24



Agents/On-seller Summery Key Terms and Conditions:


Climber Declaration: Participants will be required to sign a climber declaration form: Climber Declaration Link


Breathalyser: All climbers will be required to take a breathalyser test and register under 0.05%. Climbers who register over 0.05% will forfeit their climb and will not be refunded.


Check-in policy: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the climb start time.


Participation policy

  • Children: 6-16 years inclusive.
    • Children aged 6-9 or between 110-130cm tall need to be accompanied by an adult during the climb (1:1 ratio i.e., 1 child to 1 adult ratio)
    • Children aged 10-16 years old with minimum height of 130cm, must have 1 adult for up to 3 children.
  • Adult: 17+
  • Senior: 60+


Height: Minimum height of 110cm required.

Weight: Please note there is a weight restriction of maximum 130KG for the Bridge Climb, and 115 KG for the Abseil Climb, minimum weight for the Abseil Climb is 35KG. This is due to health and safety restrictions on the equipment used.

Pregnancy: Pregnant ladies up to 20 weeks may participate in the Bridge Climb at their own risk but cannot participant in the Abseil Climb.

Climb Session / Dress Code and What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothing, enclosed rubber soled shoes, climb suits are provided
  • Cameras, mobile phones or any loose items are not permitted on the climb.
  • Duration (2 hours return)
  • Check-in at Climb Base
  • Check signed Climber Indemnity form
  • Breathalyser test
  • Suit up & personal belongings in the locker
  • Safety brief by Climb Guide
  • Fit climber equipment
  • Climb adventure begins
  • 1 group photograph included in the ticketed price

You will be climbing with the group of up to 14 climbers and each group is under the control of an experienced climb leader who will provide commentary along the way.

Weather: We are an all-weather activity, so we do climb in the rain. Climbers are only rescheduled in the event of electrical storms or hail and this decision is made after your 20-minute safety induction when you are about to step onto the bridge so your attendance will be required no matter what the weather is like. Climbers who fail to turn up for the climb will forfeit their booking and will not be entitled to a reschedule or refund.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation terms – once confirmed, no refund or cancellations would be offered. Climbers who fail to check in for their climb will forfeit their booking and will not be entitled to a reschedule or refund.

Blocked out dates: We are open 363 days a year, we only close for Brisbane Rivefire.Festival – 2024 dates yet to be announced.